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Rift Gamecard 30 days

Platform: Windows
Shipping: Digital by email
Availability: 5-15 minutes

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Product information+ Buy Rift Gamecard 30 days !


With this Rift game card you can add 30 days additional game time to your Rift account.


You will receive a code which you can use to add 30 days of game time to you account. The game has to be bought separately. 


You need the game software and an internet connection to redeem the game card.


Product Details
Title: Rift Gamecard 30 days
Language(s): English
Genre: RPG, Strategy, Others
Release date: 04.11.2011
Partner: Trion Worlds, Inc.
Not suitable for children under 12 years
SAFE SHOPPING Numerous payment methods and certified security!
CODE DIRECTLY BY E-MAIL Get your code by e-mail just a few minutes after purchase.
PLAY IMMEDIATELY Sign in to the respective platform and activate your credit. » more information
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