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Xbox Live 12 months

Xbox Live 12 months

Recommended retail price: Dkr 372,95

Platform: Xbox Live
Shipping: Digital by email
Availability: 5-15 minutes

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Get your Xbox Live Gold and join the online multiplayer game arena. Chatting, playing, planting and competing - millions of players are awaiting you online.


You will receive your own gamer card, an avatar, a motto and even more with your abonnement. visit Xbox Live market place and download new game content, trauilers, demos, avatars and much more!


You will receive a code to activate Xbox Live Gold for twelve months via email.



Posted on 2014-12-31 20:03:38 byAdam
paid for with my paypal, after payment went through they emailed asking for a image of my id card or passport cause apperently they think I'm going to share personal information over the web.
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Posted on 2015-10-14 01:12:05 bychris
Was skeptical, did not like them asking for my phone number to verify, however I had paypal on the line through the whole thing as well as recorded it with my webcam. Within seconds after the call was verified I received an email with a picture of the code, I plugged that code in xbox.com and sure enough it worked. I am impressed.
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Posted on 2015-12-23 01:15:40 byncherney84
I agree with Chris.. It was super simple and with the phone verification; by the time I clicked submit, my phone was ringing immediately. I never write reviews, only on things that seem sketchy so I want to rest assure everyone else that it is real, plus if you have Paypal, your money is secure anyway so its really not a risk if you think about it
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Product Details
Title: Xbox Live 12 months
Language(s): English
Genre: Others
Release date: 28.10.2011
Partner: Microsoft
No age rating information available
SAFE SHOPPING Numerous payment methods and certified security!
CODE DIRECTLY BY E-MAIL Get your code by e-mail just a few minutes after purchase.
PLAY IMMEDIATELY Sign in to your Xbox account and redeem our code to activate your credit.
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