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  • Aquadelic GT Screenshot image|/images/product_images/1930/images/screenshots/Aquadelic-GT_nxw4c4837672ec5f.jpg|800|600
  • Aquadelic GT Screenshot image|/images/product_images/1930/images/screenshots/Aquadelic-GT_nxw4c483769eb7f3.jpg|800|600
  • Aquadelic GT Screenshot image|/images/product_images/1930/images/screenshots/Aquadelic-GT_nxw4c48376a49711.jpg|800|600
  • Aquadelic GT Screenshot image|/images/product_images/1930/images/screenshots/Aquadelic-GT_nxw4c48376ab4c12.jpg|800|600
  • Aquadelic GT Screenshot image|/images/product_images/1930/images/screenshots/Aquadelic-GT_nxw4c48376b25ee1.jpg|800|600
  • Aquadelic GT Screenshot image|/images/product_images/1930/images/screenshots/Aquadelic-GT_nxw4c48376b8735d.jpg|800|600
  • Aquadelic GT Screenshot image|/images/product_images/1930/images/screenshots/Aquadelic-GT_nxw4c48376bde880.jpg|800|600
  • Aquadelic GT Screenshot image|/images/product_images/1930/images/screenshots/Aquadelic-GT_nxw4c48376c36e72.jpg|800|600

Aquadelic GT

Aquadelic GT

Recommended retail price: Kr 88,38

Platform: Windows
Shipping: Digital by email
Availability: Instant download delivery

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Product information+ Buy Aquadelic GT !

As a member of the Aquadelic GT league you will fight to win cash prizes and the support of fans around the world, from the Russia and Greece to the Caribbean islands. You‘ll have to beat rival racers to the finish, and it won‘t be easy as you‘re all armed to the teeth with shark torpedoes, dragnets, balloon bombs and exploding frogs! Can you rise to become the top speedboat racer in the Aquadelic GT League?

- Explore the world in speedboats, yachts and seaplanes, compete in races and find extra activities to earn money or gain popularity!
- Easy to learn – ‘pick up and play’ with little training
- Challenge AI opponents or LAN connected players in classic kart racer-style game with eight bizarre and devastating weapons
- Attract Sponsors to earn more money and popularity – the bigger the sponsor, the more money you can earn !
- Ride the waves with high quality water effects, accompanied by a rich soundtrack!

System requirements :
  • OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
  • CPU: 1.3 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • GPU: 128 MB
  • HDD: 1 GB
System requirements+ System requirements :
  • OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
  • CPU: 1.3 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • GPU: 128 MB
  • HDD: 1 GB
Product Details
Title: Aquadelic GT
Language(s): English
Genre: Sports
Release date: 01.11.2007
Partner: Nordic Games
Not suitable for children under 7 years
SAFE SHOPPING Numerous payment methods and certified security!
FULLSPEED DOWNLOAD Download link and activation code are made available immediately.
PLAY IMMEDIATELY Start download, activate full version and play immediately.
How it works+
Download-Speed Filesize: 614.86 MB
DSL 32000: 2 minutes
DSL 25000: 3 minutes
DSL 16000: 5 minutes
DSL 6000: 13 minutes

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