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Crash time 2

Crash time 2

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Platform: Windows
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Join the action with Crash Time. Solve various exciting and surprising criminal cases on the streets as member of the autobahn police force - or freely explore the open game world on your own while chasing frantic racers. Escorting politicians or transport precious goods. With fully destructible cars, arcade Gameplay, outstanding graphics and stunning slow-mo effects Crash Time 2 puts you right in the driver seat, ready to burn rubber.

  • 5 huge cases with up to 10 missions each and many bonus assignments, at least
  • 40 new tracks
  • Solve cases or freely pursue crimes in the game world using your personal intuition
  • About 20 AI cars with visual damage system
  • Spectacular pileups with AI cars
  • Impressive and realistic graphics and landscapes
  • 3 different difficulty settings
  • Unique AI controlled pathfinding system
  • Non-linear gameplay inside a freely explorable game world
  • 2 completely different graphical settings - city streets and the German autobahn
  • 5 cases with up to 10 missions each form the main plot
  • Additional tasks and mini games are hidden all over the place and assure variety
  • and fun
  • Cases and specific tasks are launched at the headquarters, by radio or directly
  • when passing certain objects
  • Huge amount of collectables and additional exotic cars like karts, Caterpillars,
  • etc – all fully playable
  • Special off-road missions
  • Numerous special tasks can only be accomplished by performing breathtaking stunts

System requirements :
  • Windows XP (SP 2)/Vista (SP 1)
  • Pentium IV 2 Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 3200+
  • RAM 1 Gb
  • Video 256 Mb nVidia GeForce 6600 GT / ATi Radeon X800
System requirements+
  • Windows XP (SP 2)/Vista (SP 1)
  • Pentium IV 2 Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 3200+
  • RAM 1 Gb
  • Video 256 Mb nVidia GeForce 6600 GT / ATi Radeon X800
Product Details
Title: Crash time 2
Language(s): English
Genre: Sports
Release date: 12.12.2008
Partner: RTL Games
Not suitable for children under 12 years
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