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Platform : PC
Genre : First Person Shooter
Publisher : Gamecock/Atari
Rating : 18+

Legendary tells the story of a thief - Charles Deckard - who is duped into stealing the mythical Pandora's Box. Like Pandora before him, he cannot resist the temptation of finding out what's inside. By opening the fabled device, he unleashes hordes of creatures thought to be merely the imaginings of our ancestors. However, murderous werewolves, unstoppable gryphons and other creatures of ancient lore prove all too real as they wreak havoc across an unprepared modern world.

Legendary is a breath-taking blockbuster experience where man and machine take on the beasts of legend in the war to end all wars, all set against a backdrop of total social disintegration. High calibre ordnance meets beak, talon, fang and claw in awe-inspiring fire fights the like of which have never before been realised in a video game. Living, breathing dynamic environments are spectacularly torn apart in the battle to stay alive, with the devastation of New York and London realised on an unprecedented scale.

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Product Details
Title: Legendary
Language(s): English
Genre: Action
Release date: 07.11.2008
Atari Partner:Atari
This product has no PEGI rating.
Not to be sold to minors.
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