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Rocket Mania

Recommended retail price: $ 23,18

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Platform: Windows
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Rocket Mania is an arcade strategy game in which the object is to make as many rockets as possible take off...but it's not that easy to light the fuse!
3 game modes are available:

  • Classic: shoot the rockets off before dawn
  • Arcade: don't let the squares fill the screen
  • Strategy: use your matches carefully to launch a maximum number of rockets

Rocket Mania

  • 3 game modes: arcade, classic and strategy
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Save the top scores
  • Endless play
System requirements+
  • Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
  • Pentium 300 MHz or faster
  • 32 MB RAM
Product Details
Title: Rocket Mania
Language(s): English
Genre: n/a
Partner: PopCap
No age rating information available
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Download-Speed Filesize: 6 MB
DSL 32000: 1 second
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DSL 16000: 3 seconds
DSL 6000: 8 seconds

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