Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Premium Edition
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  • Two Worlds GOTY Screenshot image|/images/product_images/977/images/screenshots/Two-Worlds-GOTY_nxw4b4b314ad5b40.jpg|800|600
  • Two Worlds GOTY Screenshot image|/images/product_images/977/images/screenshots/Two-Worlds-GOTY_nxw4b4b314d162e3.jpg|800|600
  • Two Worlds GOTY Screenshot image|/images/product_images/977/images/screenshots/Two-Worlds-GOTY_nxw4b4b314d9a3fa.jpg|800|600
  • Two Worlds GOTY Screenshot image|/images/product_images/977/images/screenshots/Two-Worlds-GOTY_nxw4b4b314e2be58.jpg|800|600
  • Two Worlds GOTY Screenshot image|/images/product_images/977/images/screenshots/Two-Worlds-GOTY_nxw4b4b314ee9963.jpg|800|600
  • Two Worlds GOTY Screenshot image|/images/product_images/977/images/screenshots/Two-Worlds-GOTY_nxw4b4b314f863ba.jpg|800|600

Two Worlds GOTY

Two Worlds GOTY

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Platform: Windows
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At the beginning of your epic adventure, a mercenary task takes you to the far north - but you’re also following up a mysterious lead at the same time - the first clue you’ve been given since Kyra’s disappearance. You get a shock during a meeting

with the delegates of a dark Brotherhood - your sister’s kidnappers are indeed after your family’s relict.Whether there’s any truth in your family being chosen ones of not, the others obviously believe it - and if you ever want to see Kyra again, you’ll have to act swiftly...


STUPENDOUS LANDSCAPES: in a fantasy world where every inhabitant leads a separate dynamic life with realistic daily routines, your deeds will determine the fate of the strife-torn land of Antaloor.

PLAYING FREEDOM: Two Worlds is not for those who don't like making decisions, because you'll often have to take one side or the other - an intelligent, networked reputation system for guilds and secret societies makes sure of that.

KNIGHT, THIEF, MAGE OR ALCHEMIST: spectacular, dynamically-choreographed fights on foot or at full gallop. An absorbing alchemy system for creating individual potions and power-ups provides diversification - and carrying out break-ins in Sneak mode will have your nerves jangling! If this still isn’t enough, try the sophisticated magic system...

INTUITIVE INTERFACE AND INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT OF ATTRIBUTES: you can experiment with all the character attributes and develop your skills as and when you like. An elaborate inventory system ensures that you always have a clear overview - no matter how hot the action gets.

MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER INCLUDED: bustling towns are the trading centers and meeting points for several hundred players. Self-created characters fight gripping PvsP duels in Arena mode - or solve a series of exciting quests as allies.

System requirements:

  • CPU :2.0 GHz
  • RAM : 512 MB
  • OS : Win XP
  • Graphics card : Shader 2.0b*
  • Sound Card : DirectX 9.0c
  • HS-Space : compatible 6 GB
* GeForce FX 6, 7 and 8 series, AMD/ATI Radeon X-series

  • CPU :Multicore
  • RAM : 1 GB
  • OS : XP/Vista
  • Graphics card : Shader 3.0
  • Sound Card : 5.1
  • HS-Space : compatible 7 GB
System requirements+
OS: Vista/Win XP/7
Processor: 2GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Harddisk: 6 MB
Graphics card: Shader 2.0
Product Details
Title: Two Worlds GOTY
Language(s): English
Genre: RPG
Release date: 13.01.2010
Partner: ZUXXEZ
Not suitable for children under 16 years
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Download-Speed Filesize: 3796.96 MB
DSL 32000: 16 minutes
DSL 25000: 20 minutes
DSL 16000: 32 minutes
DSL 6000: 1 hour 26 minutes

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