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How do I redeem coupons for Gamesrocket?

During the payment process you will be asked if you want to enter a coupon code. Please enter your code here and the coupon will be credited to the total amount. Please consider that a coupon may require a minimum order value or may only be applicable to specific products.

Which kinds of coupons does Gamesrocket offer?

Gamesrocket offers different kinds of coupons:

  • Gift vouchers

  • Promotional coupons

  • Newsletter coupons


Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers can be purchased directly and can be given to friends as a gift or you can use them for yourself. These vouchers are valid without a time limit and available with various balances.


Promotional coupons

Promotional coupons are given out directly by Gamesrocket GmbH and are usually connected to certain single products and campaigns. Promotional coupons are generally only valid for a limited time and provide you with a discount on a percentage basis for your order. Please consider that promotional coupons may require minimum order values and quantities or may only be available to a defined amount of customers (e.g. only new customers).

Newsletter coupons

You may receive newsletter coupons if you have subscribed to our newsletter. Newsletter coupons are valid for a maximum of 4 weeks and only redeemable once per person. With a newsletter coupon you will get a discount on a percentage basis for your order. Please consider that newsletter coupons may be subject to certain restrictions.

When does a coupon lose its validity?

Coupons have different validity timeframes. Gift coupons that you have personally purchased are valid and redeemable without a time limit. Promotional coupons and newsletter coupons are usually only valid for a limited time.

Can I purchase vouchers for Gamesrocket?

Unfortunately, we do not offer vouchers at the moment.

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