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I have lost my game key. How can I get a replacement?

Please log in to your account. Information about each ordered key, no matter if gamecard or game key, is deposited there.

How do I receive ordered gamecards and game keys?

Gamecards and keys are exclusively sent and administrated digitally, meaning that we send you an email. This email will contain a code, either embedded in the mail text or as an attached image file. In addition to that, we archive each code you have purchased in your account. This enables you to access the code again at any time.

How long is my download available?

The download for the product you have purchased will be available for one year.

Under which conditions can I cancel a purchase?

Gamesrocket GmbH is subject to the German jurisdiction and the German right of objection. You can cancel a purchase as long as the following conditions apply:

  • In case of mail order service within the legal deadline, as long as the products (PC Games, Games and Gamecards) remain sealed.

  • In case of digital wares only prior to the delivery of the product by email.


Please pay attention to our Right of Withdrawal.

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