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More fun with this 3 games-in-one pack !
Brain Challenge Games :

Publisher : Xing Interactive
Category : Classics/Puzzles

Gosht Manor :
Think you know minesweeper? The classic is reborn here with fun graphics, sound and the biggest play areas you will find anywhere! You may never go back to plain old minesweeper again!

The Mighty Muddles :
The Mighty Muddles is a challenging yet relaxing game in which you must unscramble lines of quoted text that have been 'muddled' up with random letters. With easy to understand gameplay, relaxing music and fun graphics you will be hooked in no time, eager to solve 'just one more puzzle'. Use the clock to keep track of your average solution time or ignore it completely. Play in your own style at your own pace. Makes a perfect 'coffee break' game.

Piggy Banker :
Piggy Banker is a family-friendly puzzler that anyone can enjoy. If you know how to count your pocket change then you know how to play Piggy Banker!
Cash in coins by making combos of the same denominations before they reach the bottom of the screen. Work your way up the corporate ladder in Story mode or go for a high score in one of the challenge modes.
Piggy Banker offers simple fun and an ever increasing challenge for puzzle fans. A one of a kind game!

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