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Nintendo WiiU

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The gaming console Nintendo WiiU is the successor and a consequent advancement of the popular Wii. With the WiiU, Nintendo eventually manages to line up with other HD console developers – displaying Full HD graphics (1080p) is finally possible. This also allows Nintendo to publish the latest console games. For fans of the original Wii, a complete backwards compatibility for games of the predecessor console is ensured.

One of the greatest innovations of the Nintendo WiiU ist the gamepad. Equipped with a modern touchscreen, players can use it to display additional ingame data, or even see the game on the gamepad screen while the TV is switched off – in this case, the WiiU Gamepad becomes a kind of handheld console. With the WiiU, Nintendo appeals more to core gamers again, while the Wii had a reputation of appealing mainly among casual gamers.

Here at Gamesrocket, you can find a huge variety of WiiU Games.