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Enigma 7

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Enigma 7

Help joe to uncover the mistery of Enigma 7

Product description

Joe is a young archeology student at USC. He is passionate about the mysteries of ancient civilizations, and he dreams of becoming the "Indiana Jones" of modern times. Being a new arrival in L.A, he rents out a room in a mysterious house. In that room he finds an old diary that mentions that specific room and a secret passage inside the closet. The landlacy also tells him that the girl that had previously rented that room has mysteriously disappeared one day and no one knows what has happened to her.

In that secret chamber Joe finds a box with 7 locks, and "Enigma 7" engraved on the lid. On the bottom it there is a sentence written in Latin : "Whoever finds the way to use the 7th enigma will then be able to open and close the 7 portals of the universe". Joe takes upon himself the task to start a quest to solve innumerous "match 3" puzzles in order to find all the keys to those portals and rescue the girl that owns the diary and that is missing in one of those portals.

Enigma 7

  • 7 different worlds
  • 9 challenging levels in each world
  • 3 different gameplay modes: swap, slider and mixed

System requirements

  • Windows XP
  • Processor speed: 600 Mhz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Hard drive space (uncompressed): 56 MB
  • DirectX version: 8

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