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Payment methods - paysafecard



Use paysafecard to download the game of your choice from Gamesrocket! You want to pay at Gamesrocket without using a bank account or credit card?
Get your paysafecard now and pay online as if it was cash. paysafecard is the prepaid cash solution for the internet.

It is that simple:

paysafecard is available from thousands of selling points worldwide. You can find a shop near you here.
Get your paysafecard worth €10, €25, €50 or €100 or in your respective currency. After buying a paysafecard, you will get a 16-digit PIN code printout that you can enter at the Gamesrocket shop. It is very easy – no personal data or bank account details are required.
To pay for larger amounts, you can easily combine up to ten paysafecards. Just click on "Enter more PINs!".

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