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About the game

Experience advanced video editing with Pinnacle Studio™ 24 Plus. Step up your next production with pro-caliber tools, creative effects, and powerful keyframing controls.

Create motion graphics titles using the enhanced Title Editor, and add graphic overlays with Motion Tracking. Work seamlessly across the 24-track timeline and tap into the tools you need—right at your fingertips—to create incredible results. Make easy edits, correct imperfections, and save grouped clips and custom shortcuts to streamline most-utilized workflows. Produce all types of videos with tools for multi-camera editing, screen recording, slideshows, and more. Create your best productions yet with the power and creativity of Pinnacle Studio Plus.


1. Go beyond traditional keyframing with complete control.
Pinnacle Studio goes beyond traditional keyframing and gives you the ultimate level of accuracy. You have the ability to control every individual parameter of your effect—positioning, size, rotation, transparency, color, and so much more. Nothing is off limits—everything can be adjusted and customized. Not only can you manipulate effects, frame by frame, Pinnacle gives you the total freedom to control every element of your motions and titles to the individual parameters of Color Grading and Video Masking. With Pinnacle Studio’s complete keyframing customization, you have unlimited power and the ultimate editing precision to make your vision a reality.
2. Streamline your workflow with smart tools and templates, in a customizable interface.
Pinnacle Studio enables you to set up your workspace to your editing preferences with a customizable interface. Create custom shortcuts, and work seamlessly across single or dual screen setups. Start from scratch, or make videos quickly with themed templates. Quickly group clips and apply effects to entire sections of your video and save those groups to easily import into future projects. You can save those groups to use in future projects! Leverage smart alignment tools to snap videos and overlays into place across 24 tracks. Enjoy the workspace flexibility of Pinnacle Studio Plus and take your edits to the next level.
3. Expand your creative possibilities with color effects and correction tools.
Expand your color possibilities with Pinnacle Studio Plus and explore hundreds of creative tools and effects. Go beyond common video corrections and stylize your production with artistic filters, or apply LUT profiles for instant cinema-quality color effects. Set the mood in any video project with basic Color Grading controls to turn grey skies blue, and bring out the best lighting in every scene. Pinnacle Studio Plus gives you the power to achieve impressive edits and creative color transformations.
4. Explore pro-level editing power, without the pro-level price tag.
Dip your toe into pro-level editing tools with Pinnacle Studio Plus! Explore powerful editing features you’d expect to find in professional editing software—at a fraction of the cost. Focus in on the finest details across your timeline and take complete control of shifts and movements with precise keyframe controls. Add moving titles and graphics that follow the action across your scenes with Motion Tracking, transport yourself to new places with green screen effect, and so much more. Pinnacle Studio Plus empowers you to elevate your video projects with cutting edge tools and explore your creative potential.
5. Tap into simple video capture and screen recording tools.
Pinnacle Studio makes it easy to produce unique and creative multi-camera productions. Capture webcam video, system audio, microphone sound, and record your screen in a single click with MultiCam Capture Lite. Extend your multi-camera project possibilities even further with multi-camera editing to edit footage across up to four sources! Easily sync video and select the angle you want to display as the videos play, or quickly create picture-in-picture effects. Pinnacle Studio brings you all the tools you need to capture and produce how-to videos, tutorials, presentations, and multi-camera video productions.
6. Record, edit, and master your audio.
Ensure your audio is perfectly balanced using the powerful audio tools inside Pinnacle Studio Plus. Adjust the volume over time using keyframes, and easily apply fade-in and out effects. Enjoy the convenience of audio recording tools built into the timeline to quickly add voiceover, dialogue, and narration to any project. Layer audio tracks on the timeline, and use Audio Ducking to automatically balance your audio levels so your primary audio track is heard—crisp and clear. With a library of sound effects and royalty-free music, Pinnacle Studio delivers the power to master your sound.
7. Get the most out of Pinnacle Studio with an incredible learning library.
Pinnacle Studio’s library of learning materials will help you hit the ground running and produce higher quality videos in no time. Video editing takes time to learn, and Pinnacle Studio delivers all the resources you need to explore the interface and take your videos to the next level. Expand your skills with quick tips and tricks—in both written and video tutorials. Ask questions and connect with other users in our user forums. Master everything from beginner edits to advanced techniques, with our library of resources at your fingertips. Grow your skills, connect with other users online, and discover the true power, precision, and control of Pinnacle Studio.
8. Share your videos across audiences, formats, and devices.
Pinnacle’s support for all popular file formats and devices gives you the power to take control over your export. Burn your video projects to disc, upload your footage directly to YouTube or Vimeo, or output your video to one of many popular formats to view on your favorite device. Complete your video experience and create high-quality DVDs with themed menus, sub-menus, and chapters. Pinnacle Studio 24 Plus includes 50+ stylish and customizable templates so you can quickly create a high quality, personalized DVD to share with friends and family! With Pinnacle Studio, you have the power to present your video to any audience.

system requirements

Windows - Minimum
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD A4 3.0 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics card: Minimum resolution 1024 x 768, minimum 256MB VGA VRAM
  • HDD: 8 GB available space
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