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Disney Interactive Studios

Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball

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Product information

Partner Disney Interactive Studios
System Windows
Language English
Shipping Digital
Availability Instant download delivery
Age rating No age rating
Filesize 31 MB

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Product description

Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball is an action-packed pinball adventure set on the high seas. Board this cursed ship, launch your cannonballs, and enjoy tons of swashbuckling fun. Load your cannon for a fierce sea battle against the pirates of Skull Island in an exciting mini-game. Aim the cannonball toward the arrows to discover hidden treasure, secrets, and bonus points. Destroy skeletons, knock down pirates, and defeat your enemies to score big!

Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball

. 3 Cursed Boards - Explore the main deck and pilot deck, and dare to enter the Bone Brig!
. Multiple Pinballs - Light the fuse, escape the Bone Brig, or lock the skull ball in the cannon to activate the multi-ball game. Score big with multiple pinballs!
. Mini-game - Aim your ball at the cannons to start the Cannon Mini-game. Fire your cannons and defend your ship from the pirates of Skull Island in an exciting sea battle.
. Bump & Tilt - For fun on the rough seas, bump or tilt your board to change the course of your pinball. . Bonus Points - Score big points when you collect treasure chests, knock down pirates, destroy skeletons, and more!

System requirements

. Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
. Pentium III 800 MHz CPU
. 128 MB RAM
. 80 MB free disk space
. 16 MB 3D graphics card.


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