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Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition - eShop Code

Nintendo 3DS | Nintendo eShop
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Product information

Activation Nintendo eShop
System Nintendo 3DS
Language English
Genre Other, RPG
Shipping Digital
Availability 5-15 minutes
Age rating PEGI Rating 7

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When purchasing Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition eShop Code, you receive an additional code for the free download* of the special dungeon "Altar of Destruction" for Puzzle & Dragons Z.


This is how you access the additional dungeon:

Connect the Nintendo 3DS to the internet and make sure, that you have the latest system upgrade installed. Then execute the following steps:


  • Start the game Puzzle & Dragons Z
  • Go to Extras and click on GIFTCODE
  • Click on RECEIVE NEW GIFT and enter the code to start the download.
  • Restart the game and go to NOZAMA, who is located in the ranger headquarter, to receive the relic.
  • Bring the relic to the girl in the eastern temple of the ranger headquarter to gain access to the new dungeon.


*Promotional offer while stocks last. The download code can be redeemed on release date.

Product description

NEW! Pack your favourite games via Nintendo eShop download always with you - preinstall the game to your 3DS and be prepared to play at any time!

NOTE: You will receive a download code after purchase. A wireless internet connection is required to redeem the code and download the game on your Nintendo 3DS Console.

The download will be available on the release date.

The download code can only be used with the European version of the Nintendo console.

About the games:


Role-playing elements and match-three puzzle fun meet in Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition, available only on Nintendo 3DS family systems. In a single package containing both games, explore dungeons, command monsters and master all types of elemental Orbs to defeat the enemy hordes!

Puzzle & Dragons Z features a full story to get stuck into, over 250 types of enemy to recruit from, and an in-depth system for evolving and enhancing your monsters! You can also keep the adventure fresh in Puzzle & Dragons Z with exciting new content to unlock, and rare monsters to collect!

Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition is a streamlined experience set in the Mushroom Kingdom which features over 80 beloved characters that Mario fans are sure to recognise. It's up to you and your team to save Princess Peach from the clutches of that baddie Bowser!

Features of both games:

  • Build your own team from up to 6 monsters (e.g. characters from the mushroom kingdom)
  • Queue up 3 elemental Orbs of the same type on the screen to attack
  • 5 different elemental Orbs: fire, wood, water, shadow, light
  • Fire beats wood, wood beats water, water beats fire - light and shadow neutralize each other
  • Heart Orbs that refill your energy & Z-Orbsfor triple damage
  • Over 250 different enemies (e.g. over 80 well-known faces from the mushroom kingdom) can be recruited for your team
  • When assembling your team, keep the next challenge in mind and consider the special skills of each of your team member
  • Use StreetPass or local wireless to exchange your Player Card with other players


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