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Super Mario Bros 3 3DS - eShop Code

Nintendo 3DS | Nintendo eShop
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Product information

Activation Nintendo eShop
System Nintendo 3DS
Language DE, ES, FR, IT, UK
Genre Adventure
Shipping Digital
Availability 5-15 minutes
Age rating No age restrictions
Release date
Filesize 120 blocks

How it works

SAFE SHOPPING Numerous payment methods and certified security - game on!
Your Game directly by e-mail Get your code by e-mail just a few minutes after purchase.
play immediately After getting your game, you can activate the full version, download and play immediately.

Product description

NEW! Pack your favourite games via Nintendo eShop download always with you - preinstall the game to your 3DS and be prepared to play at any time!

NOTE: You will receive a download code after purchase. A wireless internet connection is required to redeem the code and download the game on your Nintendo 3DS Console.

The download code can only be used with the European version of the Nintendo console.

Product Description:

Bowser and his Kids bring back the Chaos tot he Mushroom Kingdom and Mario and his Brother Luigi need to help. They must battle a variety of enemies, including a koopaling in each unique and distinctive world on their way to bowser himself.
Lucky fort he brothers: They have more power-ups than ever before.
Fly abov3e your enemies using the Super Leaf, swim faster by wearing the Frog Suit of defeat enemies using the Hammer Bros Suit.

Are your ready to experience gaming bliss ?

System requirements

  • Using the download codes requires accepting the terms and conditions of Nintendo.
  • The Code can only be used with the european version of the Nintendo console.
  • The game can only be played on the Nintendo console where it was originally downloaded using the download code.


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