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Bug season has arrived with The Lion King Grubalicious, the fast-paced, addictive puzzle game where you mix and match bugs to score big! Featuring the feisty lion cub Simba and his pals Timon and Pumbaa, this bug-squashing puzzler is jam packed with power ups, bonus rounds, and unlockable challenges. Play against the clock in the fast-paced Bug Hunt mode or face devious challenges in the Full Blown Insane Giant Challenge Ultra Mix. Match the most bugs to get a grubalicious score! It's a bug jumble in the jungle, for grub's sake, so get matching now!

The Lion King Grubalicious

  • Two Ways to Play:
    • Bug Hunt Mode - Squash as many bugs as you can before time runs out
    • Challenge Mode - Special challenges, more levels, power-ups, board blockers, and bonus rounds
  • Three Skill Levels - Buginner (Easy), Insectomediate (Medium) & Grubalicious, Grand Master (Hard)
  • Power-Ups - Clock Stop, Big Big Bonus Time, Jumble Bug, Glorious and All Powerful Ultra Bug, Bug Whomper Mark V
  • Bonus Round - Play bonus rounds and earn more power-ups
  • Game Challenges - Rack up your score by matching special bugs! Play Ixnay Ugnay, Matchem Countem, Round'em Up, Hit the Mark, Grublock, Exact-O-Bug and Chains of Bugs.
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PublisherDisney Interactive Studios





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