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Xenoblade Chronicles - eShop Code

Nintendo WiiU | Nintendo eShop
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Product information

Activation Nintendo eShop
System Nintendo WiiU
Language English
Genre Action, RPG
Shipping Digital
Availability 5-15 minutes
Age rating PEGI Rating 12
Release date

How it works

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Product description

Note: You will receive a download code after purchase. A wireless internet connection is required to redeem the code and download the game on your Nintendo WiiU Console.

The download code can only be used with the European version of the Nintendo console.

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About the game:

When the two titans Bionis and Mechonis end their fight in a final, simultaneous strike, only their gigantic dead bodies remain when the smoke cleared…


Eons later life developed on the body of Bionis. The originated civilizations lead a peaceful life on the dead titan until they are being attacked by the Mechons, a robotic species from Mechonis. The attack was stopped by the hero of the Homs, Dunban, who picked up the legendary sword Monado. But the hero paid a significant price for  the control over the Monado…


After a peaceful year, the young man Shulk touches the Monado and has a vision: the second attack of the destructive Mechons is near and Shulk has to use his new gift and the Monado to stop the extinction of every living creature on Bionis.


System requirements


  • The usage of this download code requires the agreement to Nintendo's terms of service.
  • The download code can only be used with a european version of the Nintendo console.
  • The game can only be used on the Nintendo console, to which it has been downloaded to, by using this download code.


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