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Zinstall zPOD

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Zinstall zPOD

Interested in having all your programs and files instantly available anywhere you go? Need a backup that actually helps when disaster strikes? Want to protect your privacy on any computer you use?
Zinstall zPOD puts your entire PC in your pocket – using any external drive or a USB drive – and allows you to use all your programs, settings and files anywhere, just like home and with no installations.

Product description

Ultimate Mobility
Can you imagine actually being able to put your PC in your pocket - right next to the driver's license? Can you imagine not carrying 10 pounds worth of laptop equipment when you travel? Because this is exactly what zPOD provides - all you need to carry is an external hard drive or a USB flash drive.

Ultimate Freedom
Your programs and files are tightly bound to the specific hardware of your PC - which always tends to fail when you least expect it. Even if you have an up-to-date backup, it won't help until you purchase a new PC, install all your programs, configure them and restore files from backup. With zPOD, this problem disappears.

Ultimate Privacy
Worried about the confidentiality of your documents and business data, about your privacy, about identity theft? Your computer may be compromised to gain access to your private data. When you use zPOD, none of your information is left on the computer. All your files are literally kept in your pocket and protected - out of reach for any threat.

zPOD is your Declaration of Independence from your PC hardware. To use all your programs and files, just plug your zPOD drive into any available computer.

zPOD Benefits:

All your programs and files - on any PC
Zinstall zPOD allows you to use your entire PC anywhere - by "downloading" it to an external hard drive or a USB flash drive. All your programs, settings and files are immediately available on any computer - at home, at work or at friends.
zPOD works on any Windows version (XP, Vista, 7), 32-bit and 64-bit. No installation required.

Your external drive IS your computer
Just connect your external drive, and any computer will instantly look and work exactly as your own. You can literally put your PC in your pocket - taking mobile computing to the next level!

Next level in privacy solutions
Worried about the confidentiality of your documents, business data, sensitive information? When you store, or even just access, your private files on your laptop, at work or on any other computer, you leave yourself open for data theft, compromised information and identity theft. Even if you protect your own computer, how can you be sure about other computers you use - or that you laptop will not be stolen?
zPOD puts your entire PC in your pocket. All your files and information stay with you at all times - and when you use it on any other computer, it runs in the zPOD environment, separate from the host PC and leaving no trace.

Military-grade protection
Your zPOD environment is fully protected on the external drive. You can also password-protect it, for military-grade, 256-bit encryption. No one except yourself will be able to access your programs and files.

Backup that actually helps
Remember that time when your PC broke down? Wasted time, frustration, lost memories, late work? Your files, your programs, your entire digital life are all tightly bound to your PC hardware. When the PC fails, it takes everything with it. Chained to that chunk of metal, we all become "digital slaves". Traditional backup might protect your files - but when the real disaster strikes, you'll need to purchase a new PC, install all your programs, configure them and restore files from backup.
zPOD is your Declaration of Independence from the hardware "slavery". It runs on every computer – instantly. Just plug your external drive in, and feel at home wherever you are.

Easy, fast and efficient
zPOD requires one single click to download your entire computer to the external drive. Thanks to its state-of-the-art data management techniques, zPOD transfer is lightning fast, and takes as little space as possible.

Zinstall zPOD features:

  • Easy to use - single-click operation
  • Use with any external hard drive or a USB flash drive
  • Supports any version of Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and any edition - from Home to Ultimate, 32bit and 64 systems.
  • Allows to run 32bit environments on 64bit computers
  • Does not require Hardware-Assisted Virtualization to be supported by your computer.

Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian

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